You may notice these terrifying masks in front of us - I'd like you to pick one that you think represents your personality the most [x]

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Imagine your icon showing up as the surprise stripper your friends hired at your birthday party

i mean yeah a clone of me with a pudding cup wearing a bikini on my shoulder would be pretty cool things to pop out of a cake

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why do white people think having a confederate flag anywhere on your property screams anything other than “im a blatant racist and slavery was cool”

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it’s so hard to eat ice cream and scroll at the same time


[opens pizza box] *snoop dogg voice* greetings loved ones

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*turns into a tree to avoid responsibilities*

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*mobile blogs in front of computer*

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wow my parents better thank me that i’m addicted to tv shows and movies not drugs and alcohol 

I told my mom this and she said “well thats true. But if i have to hear about that gay angel one more time i will get you addicted to crack”

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